Monday, November 18, 2013

Hello! You're probably here because you were looking for THIS blog, which is the blog of the writer Jude Conlee.

You've reached the right person, but I've changed the url of the blog so as to make it easier for some people to find. However, there were a number of publications and other things that listed "" as the address of my blog. In many of these cases, it was impossible for me to send a correction to the editors or whoever's in charge of what gets printed and realistically expect the correction to be made. 

Therefore, I'm just putting this here so anyone who tries to go to that webpage isn't greeted with some "This url is not available" page or something that would otherwise disappoint someone whose intention was to read blog posts written by Jude Conlee.

Again, here's the blog. The url is "". Sorry if this inconvenienced anyone. The change will probably end up being more convenient in the long run.